Animal Legend by Franz Marc

Woodcut, 1912.

Animal Legend

Art work details

Original Title :
Year of production :
Franz Marc
Medium :
Ink, Paper
Dimensions :
height: 25.5 cms; width: 28.3 cms
Credit Line :
Gift of Michael Brooks
Catalogue References:
Lankheit 831.2
Associated Groups :
Der Blaue Reiter
Woodcut, Animals, Marc, Brooks Gift

Published in 1919 in Genius, a deluxe art review founded in the aftermath of the First World War, which had seen Europe devastated both physically and psychologically.

Although the cooler observational style of New Objectivity art would emerge in the 1920s, Marc’s Expressionist vision of a natural world in spiritual harmony with itself still appealed to a select market.

Stylised animals inhabit an ideal world uncorrupted by man, Marc’s ‘M’ monogram appearing in the image at lower left.

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